267 Companies In AP’s Industrial Growth

New 267 Companies are established and coming up in New Born AP State.

The people of Andhra Pradesh race are very intelligent people but they are Nomads. They reach to other state and start developing them. As per history later they has been separated from Tamilnadu and later they developed Hyderabad and they been thrown out from there.

They now want to build up their own state. So that no one can through them again. . Now they realized the scope of their birth place. Vast coastal area and to develop major responsibility is taken by none other than Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu, who is one of the best sorted out leader in India as a visionary and who is best supporter to nominate Mr. Abdul Kalam as our President Later Mr.Abdul Kalam became a jewel in the Crown of Mother Land India.

Mr.Chandra Babu Naidu visited so many countries to invite investors in Andhra Pradesh, its results are coming now as below :-
A Total of 267 Companies (Companies with Rs.10 Crore of more of Investments) Invested in Andhra Pradesh in the past one year totaling an investment of around 1.46 Lakh Corers. This monumental putting up not only enhances the industrial status of the state but also tends to create a living for two and half lakh people on a whole.

The growth of the state is recently depicted by the 54f unit business supplies with an investment of 7176 Crores. This turned out to be a landmark by creating employment for around 30,000 people all over the state. Another 18 companies started producing experimentally with 15, 904 Crores investment by creating employment for 9000 people.

15 Other companies explicitly arranged the main equipment and infrastructure as basic assest with 6073 crores as a start. These 15 Companies has the ability to create a living for more than 10,000 people as per now. Excluding these, there are 49 major units (Invested with 18,466 crores) Which completed the civil work phase and which are in the medicore procedure, ready to be started in order to employ twenty thousand people.

The HPCL refinery of Visakhapatnam had a deal to expand its domain with an input of 1800 crores, waiting for the central environmental department to grant permit on it.

According to the official reports, out of all these collaborative investment in developing the industrial sector, 40% of it came from the foreign neighborhood. Once started with this colossal erupt, it has been planned that an annual investment of 20-25 crores must be indulged in the industrial development for implementing the pipeline method.

Another amazing method of The Single Desk method that has been adopted nationally for the development of the industrial sector turns out to be the best feasible solution even for states like Gujarat. This method enriched the development with Logistics and appropriate cinch methodology. However, the permit limit extended to 24 segments when constrained to 10, basically. The hike in the number not only increased the investment amount(3,700 Crores) but also simultaneously increased the employment range to 9058 people.

Now many National and International companies are showing interest in establishing Food Processing industries. As food is the main chain of any society irrespective of the sociological and physiological changes, 49 companies took an initiative in this sector. 22 companies invested in construction sector, 38 in Pharmaceutical Sector, 22 in Mineral and Metallurgy department, 7 in Petroleum Industries, 25 in Textile Industries, 17 in Chemical, 6 in Automobiles, 3 in Animation and Graphics, 7 in Biotech and 6 in MSD department. By seeing all the above things one can surely see the State’s future in terms of productivity and employment. Let’s all hope for the Best.

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